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Input/Text Area Form Elements Lack Meaningful Label


Link/Button Names Do Not Make Sense Out of Context

To learn more about CU Boulder, please click here. If you are already a CU student or staff member, click here to go to MyCUInfo.

Use of Same Link or control Text to Go to Multiple Destinations

Our university is great - you can learn more about the university on our site. We also have a great IT group - you learn more about them too.

Information not structured to reflect critical relationships

Accessibility and Usability Lab

All student-oriented communication and information technology (ICT) systems to be launched by the University of Colorado Boulder must be tested for accessibility. Accessibility testing can be done on campus through the Accessibility and Usability Lab. It can also be done off campus by a vendor/supplier or a third-party consultant. All third-party testing must follow the standards approved by Dan Jones, CDAO (Chief Digital Accessibility Officer) and ICTARB (ICT Accessibility Review Board).


      o - provide the university with reliable information about the accessibility of web sites and software applications based upon systematic testing
      o - communicate to the campus about our work to improve the quality of our IT systems and through that improve the campus environment for the users of assistive technology.

Table Lacks Appropriate Row and Column Headers

NB: Data in tables is fake
Google Apps - MS Office 365
Number of apps 12 14
Number of apps that work 5 6
Number of apps that we need 1 1

Focus Not Used to Assist with Error Correction

Feedback form without proper error correction -